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Traffic Violators School Programs

What is level one traffic school?

Level 1 traffic school is a defensive driving classroom course; our 8 hour class consists of 6 hours & 40 minutes of time spent in the classroom.  We follow the guidelines, rules and regulations set by County Courts, Department of Motor Vehicle and monitoring agencies like CTSI, so that the courts will accept our certification as credit so you do not acquire points against your driving record.

Who teaches the course?

Our courses are taught by full time Instructors  who are qualified and Licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Our Instructors are friendly, professional and knowledgeable teachers.  Your Traffic School instructor is also a Driving Instructor who teaches driver education classroom and people of all ages to drive safely.  They teach the skills a student needs to learn to drive an automobile safely so that the student will have the skills needed to acquire a drivers license and be a safe driver.  We want the same for our Traffic School students; we want you to have the skills to drive safely.

So you offer online courses?

You may sign up for our online course at

What’s the benefits of a classroom?

Our classes are taught in a classroom with a qualified and state licensed instructor so that you are taught in an environment that is conductive to learning.  While this may be a court ordered class, why not take the time learn something new or upgrade your habits?  With years of driving experience people often forget the little things that lead to citations and collisions.  It happens to the best of us.  The time you spend in a well ran traffic school class can turn you into a safer driver or you can spend time on the Internet simply fulfilling a court mandated action, which probably will not lead to safer driving and fewer citations.

Any good movies?

Yes we do show among other videos "red asphalt", though we really favor the video "room to live".  Videos are an enhancement to a qualified teacher to help stress the importance of good driving habits.

Is this a defensive driving course?

We incorporate defensive driving in all our teaching. Defensive driving is something that can save your life. Defensive and economical driving is one and the same. Not only will we teach you to be a safer driver we will help you save money.

What about me?

Most people that elect to attend a quality traffic violator school program leave with a positive feeling at the end of class, a feeling of accomplishment. The simple fact is everyone enjoys learning. In today's busy world it is a mistake to take a shortcut to save a couple of hours or a couple of dollars while ruining your chance of receiving a class that can be enjoyable and educational.


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Doing a DMV License check ensures the school you have selected is currently licensed to teach in the state of California. "only located in the Bay Area"


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