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Teen drivers education & drivers training

Teen drivers education & drivers training

We offer drivers education for teens.  Our Online course is monitored by us and the test results are individually checked to make sure our students are learning.


Behind-the-wheel drivers training

We offer a complete teen drivers training courses.

If you need the 6 hours teen course or just a brush-up before your test we are here for you.

Once you have completed your Drivers Education  you are now ready to start the most important and the most fun part of your training, the Behind-the-wheel experience. The in-car driver training course is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and we will give you the DMV Certificate you need plus all of the information you need to pass the DMV drivers license test and drive safely. 

Some teens need just the basic 6 hours course that is required by CA law.  Some parents and teens want a more complete course.    Allied Driving School has experienced and knowledgeable instructors that will teach you what you need to learn to become a safe driver.  We follow the California Behind-the-Wheel Teaching Guide as DMV requires.  We know how excited you are to drive and we are excited to teach you.  Our Instructors are dedicated professionals that make learning how to drive easy, safe and fun.

Free Pick and drop off.  You may be picked up from home, school or work. 

We provide private lessons, just you and your Instructor will be in the car, unless a parent wants to ride along.   We do not use our students as taxi cabs to pick up the next student.  When one student picks up another student the lesson must be based on how to get to the next students pick-up location NOT on how to teach the current student how to drive.

When  you sign up for a 2 hour lesson, you will get 2 full hours of driving time. 

All of our vehicles are equipped with dual controls and signs so that we may safely take you out into traffic right away. 

Communication -  we feel that good communication is essential to a quality driving lesson. This is why we provide you with an Instructor that has good communication skills.

Your driving instructor at Allied Driving School is well trained.   Allied Driving School trains our instructors beyond the DMV's minimum standards.  We want to provide you with  Professional driving instructors.   At the end of your training  we want you be a skilled driver with the habits you need to stay safe on the road for the rest of your life.

Discounts - the best discount you will ever get is from your insurance company, after you are licensed and turn 18.  A good safe driver saves money on insurance and on  the day to day costs associated with owning a car.  The most important savings is lives.  So take the time to learn how to drive the right way. 

A qualified Instructor understands driving and driving laws and rules AND follows the laws him/herself.  If the Instructor does not understand and obey the laws and regulations he will be unable to teach you to obey the laws and be a safe driver.  CA law prohibits any licensed driving instructor from teaching a student a DMV test route so we do not teach the DMV test (CA DMV LINK TO INSTRUCTOR AGREEMENT READ SEC 3) we want to teach you to be a safe driver - not just teach you a DMV test route.

We welcome parental ride-alongs.  If you're uncomfortable about taking lessons with a stranger or your parents  just want to insure that your instructor is doing a good job, a parent is  welcome to go on the lessons with you.

While taking your lessons with Allied Driving School.  We will cover different topics each lesson.   Our lesson plan includes:

·Curbside: orientation to the vehicle driving

·Defensive driving techniques

·Driving residential areas

·Driving in Traffic

·Backing up

·Turn-abouts & U-turns

·Parking techniques Parallel, Angle and Hills  (as time permits)

·Hills -  especially important on Stick Shift  (as time and skill permits).

·Driving on a freeway.

·Explain S.M.O.G. & S.I.P.D.E.

·Proper techniques for lane changes

·And much more.

Allied Driving School offers a very high quality course for new drivers taught by a DMV licensed driving instructor. Your instructor has been trained to teach you to drive and has been background checked by DMV. Your Instructor will not only be qualified to teach you to drive, your instructor will also be courteous and pleasant.  We make sure you get the best possible training experience.  We know how excited you are to drive and we are excited to teach you how to drive.

Stick-shift training in our car with a Manual Transmission.  Yes we teach it. The instructor is an experienced professional who understand the special training required to teach a student manual transmission.  Very small improper movments in the clutch can cause you a very expensive visit to your local mechanics shop.  The cost of a repair is very high and can become a very expensive habit.  Not to mention a car that is driven properly is also smooth and a pleasure to drive.  We make learning to drive fun and easy.  Learning to drive a stick-shift car is fun once you get the hang of it and opens up options for you when looking at which car to buy.  Stick shift vehicles tend to be more economical to buy and operate, safer to drive  and lots of fun to drive.

So now that you're ready, call us now to sign up for your in-car training course.

TIP-California Vehicle Code say's your teen must drive with an instructor before driving on Public Roads

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Doing a DMV License check ensures the school you have selected is currently licensed to teach in the state of California. "only located in the Bay Area"


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