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Just for seniors

Are you having Department of Motor Vehicles problems?

Are you a new driver, just starting out?

We can help you get the training necessary topass the DMV test.  So you can get a new license or retain your old license.

We are the oldest driving school in the area and we understand you and respect your need to have a license. Seniors are a target group based on statistics, the same goes for teens.  DMV has limited resources due to the high cost of government and it's operations.  We along with you, feel that some of the stastical safe groups should have to retest at a higher rate.  Its just not going to happen at this time , so lets worry about your problem at the moment.

Being fair to DMV, they do give you an honest chance to retain your license.  But you need to put the effort in to making sure you are a safe driver.  This is where we come in, we can retrain your bad habits.  When you lose the bad habits and replace them with the good habits, DMV will give you back your drivers license.

After the lessons we can take you to DMV in same car you were driving during your lessons.  In most cases we can even set your DMV appointment to take some of the burden off you.  We are here to help you, we understand the whole DMV process from start to end.  So you can feel confident about what you are doing, to keep your license.

If you have an questions on what needs to be done, to get your license back.  We may be able to help you, call us now.  We are here to help you.

If you are a new to driving.  You can count on our saying, A qualified driving instructor may save your life.  Driving lessons are a once in a lifetime investment in your future.  During your driving lessons, your instructor will teach you how to conserve gas to save money,  using good driving habits.  Allied Driving School will teach you what you need to know to be a defensive driver and instruct you how to properly use defensive driving to your advantage so you are safe on the road and of course if you can drive safely and smoothly the DMV test should not give you any problems.  DMV will not fail you if you demonstrate safe and correct driving skills.

  • Need a brush-up course for a DMV driving test or just to make sure that your skills are up to par?
  • Often when we have driven for many years, we get complacent and our driving habits may “slip up” leading to failures on DMV tests and/or collisions and tickets.
  • Sometimes we  never learned some driving skills because of driving conditions at the time we learned to drive.
  • Some people have never had any formal driver training.
  • As we age our reflexes may slow down and we need to compensate
  • Sometimes we are not looking far enough ahead when driving due to vision problems and we may not be aware of it until a problem develops.

Allied Driving School offers in-car behind-the-wheel lessons to teach you to drive or to brush you up on your driving skills.

Allied Driving School can help you prepare for your DMV test, both written and driving.

Need assistance understanding the DMV process to obtain a Special Instruction Permit?

  • Allied Driving School can help you get your DMV special permit.

Allied Driving School also offers a comprehensive driving evaluation. We will provide you with a written evaluation at the end of the lesson.

Lack of sufficient driving skill often leads to injury and death. Your choice of where and how you learn to drive will save you time, money, stress, and possibly your life!  Defensive driving skills and economical driving go hand in hand. Call us and ask us how!

All lessons are private!  No pressure and no embarrassment!

You will be picked up and dropped off at home, work, or school at no charge; the choice is yours where we meet.

You learn to drive or brush up your driving skills in a variety of driving situations from light traffic to heavy city traffic and the freeway, taking each advancement at a pace that is suitable for you.

We have late model cars with full safety features that are well maintained and clean. At the conclusion of your lessons, the car that you learned to drive in is available for your driving exam.

We don't sell packages of lessons because there is no such thing as a "course to learn to drive". Each student is an individual; we tailor our lesson plan to each individual student and schedule only what is needed for you to learn to drive.

We understand the stress you are experiencing:

We know the stress you are going though you drove all these years without a ticket or a collission and now DMV is making you re-test and you're not happy about it.   Well,  when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade and enjoy life.   Stop worrying and give us a call so we can make an earnest effort at helping you to re-train, revitalize and get that license back in your purse or wallet.

If you have a DMV driving test scheduled, call us today and take brush-up driving lessons before going to DMV.  Don’t gamble with your license just going to DMV and failing tests. Even if you have hired an attorney, the end result will be the same, you have to pass the DMV driving and written tests.

Call us and ask about our Driving Lessons and our Driving Evaluation.

Any questions please call us at (408) 972-4591 or (650) 368-2200.


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