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12 Economical Driving Tips for Everyone

Save the Environment - Save Money - Save Lives

Below are a few tips to help you save fuel, save money and may save lives. These tips will help the environment and improve traffic safety.

Allied Driving School teaches all these methods in our In-Car behind-the-wheel driving lessons and our Classroom and Online Driver Education courses.

  • Speed - Most vehicles with smaller engines get better gas mileage at lower speeds.  Driving 55 miles per hour instead of 65 will give you a 10-15 percent improvement in fuel economy according to EPA estimates.
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly - Accelerating smoothly from a stop and braking softly conserves fuel. Fast starts, weaving in and out of traffic and hard braking wears out some  the car’s components, such as brakes and tires more quickly.  Do not tailgait as tailgaiting causes you to have to brake harder and more suddenly, which not only damages your vehicle mechanically it also raises your risk of being involved in a collision.
  • Do Not Idle - Today’s engines don’t need a warm up.  Start the car and immediately and gently drive away.  Leaving your car to idle increases emissions and wastes fuel.
  • Check Your Tires - Keep tires properly inflated to the recommended tire pressure. This alone can reduce the average amount of fuel use by 3 - 4 percent.  Under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance and reduce fuel economy. They also wear out quicker. Check the vehicle’s door-post sticker for minimum cold tire inflation pressure.
  • Properly Maintain Your Vehicle - Maintain proper engine tune-up to keep vehicles running efficiently. Keep the wheels aligned. Wheels that are fighting each other waste fuel.  Replace air filters as recommended. Use a fuel with good detergent additives to keep the vehicle engine clean and performing efficiently. Consult your Owners Manual for proper maintenance.
  • Avoid Extra Weight - Travel lightly, avoid piling a lot of luggage on the roof rack. The added frontal area reduces aerodynamics and will hurt fuel economy, reducing it by as much as 5 percent.  Remove excess weight from the vehicle. Unnecessary weight, such as unneeded items in the trunk make the engine work harder and consumes more fuel.
  • Avoid Unnecessary use of Heater and Air Conditioner - Use heating and air conditioning selectively to reduce the load on the engine. Decreasing your usage of the air conditioner when temperatures are above 80 degrees can help you save 10 - 15 percent of fuel. Use the vent for air as much as possible. Park in the shade to keep the car cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • Close the Windows at High Speeds - Don’t drive with the windows open unless you are driving under 50 MPH. Driving with the windows open at highway speeds increases aerodynamic drag on the vehicle and lowers fuel economy.
  • Use the Right Oil - Choose good quality oil with the viscosity grade recommended in the Owners Manual for your car.
  • Consolidate Trips - Plan ahead to consolidate your trips. Plan your errands in a manner that allows you to get several errands done at the same time.
  • Plan Your Time for Trips - Whenever possible drive when traffic is less congested or in less congested routes to avoid sitting in traffic idling.

Avoid Stopping and Starting - Avoid constantly stopping and starting by driving in less congested routes or times of day and by driving defensively and watching ahead and anticipating traffic ahead of time.  Stopping and starting is hard on your vehicle, it puts premature wear on your vehicle and wastes fuel.

Allied Driving School is doings it’s job to educate people with real information about energy, we posted a few links you may enjoy.


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