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Company Defensive Driving Programs

If you are a company - have your drivers update their driving skills. We offer an 8 hour Defensive Driving Course, give us a call.

About our employee driver safety program

Many employers are taking an active role in providing safety education for their employees, for employees that are required to drive during the course of their employment.

Every year billions of dollars ($230.6 billion in 2000) are lost due to absenteeism from traffic injuries, reduced productivity from chronic injuries that occur in low speed crashes such as whiplashes, lawsuits, property damage and loss of goodwill toward the business.  In fact, commercial vehicles alone are involved in an average of $15 billion of traffic accidents annually.

Whether your company consists of truck drivers, home visiting nurses or pizza delivery the safety to the employee is paramount.

Your drivers represent you; they are often the first impression to the outside world. What first impression are your employees making?  Does your personnel manager get calls about rude drivers, road rage, or "close calls?"

Does your company have enforced policies regarding seatbelt use, speeding, road rage, and other traffic behaviors? Are your drivers getting traffic tickets? Statistics show that drivers with traffic tickets are more likely to be involved in traffic collisions.

Company marked vehicles are often the target of scam artists looking for quick money from an insurance company. Are your employees prepared for the unexpected?

We can custom tailor a program for your company, so that your employees get maximum benefit from your Allied Driving School safety program, we can do an all classroom program or an all car program, we can also offer you a partial classroom and car program.

We believe the best way avoid the problems associated with automobile collisions is to ensure the driver is a competent employee and able to do his or her job well.  A driver needs to carry the tools to be a safe driver, a driver is only as good as what he knows and without the proper knowledge of driving the driver is and company vehicle may be at risk.

Some of our other safety programs may fit well in to your company prevention education plan, check them out from our main page.

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